The Hydro Turbine Generator System

Blue Energy – Green Planet


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The way it has always been and the way it should always stay


We aim to link with the most appropriate partner to take this innovation forward to commercialisation.

To offer the most cost effective and appropriate solution for the betterment of all.

And to achieve this objective soonest!


To reduce mankind’s carbon footprint by disruptive innovation, using the most abundant source of natural power, hydro kinetic energy.  

We wish to make renewable energy available to all in the developed and third world, for generaters, businesses and individuals.


We are the caretakers of this planet and carry the responsibility for our actions.

We need to focus on worldly not personal needs and issues.

We must bring about change and  advocate renewable energy strategies with appropriate solutions.

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The source

In the quest to generate net-zero carbon electricity we should utilise the worlds largest and most reliable source of renewable power, hydro kinetic energy.

This is obtainable from tidal and river flows, and as the picture depicts, it covers half the planet’s surface. 

Sub surface hydro generation provides an excellent solution, it operates full time, regardless of weather conditions.

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Our future?

We must consider the long term whilst reacting to current climate change pressures.

There has to be an alternative to the current raft of unreliable renewable energy solutions, or the continuation of Nuclear Fuel.

Whilst it has been globally adopted as a short term fix, Nuclear is very dangerous, remember what happened in Russia and Japan.

We need to find an eco-friendly solution that does not scar the planet.

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The efficiency

Wind turbines, whilst highly developed, only produce a useable output in the right kind of wind.  

Vast acres of solar panels littering the countryside suffer the same fate, no sun, no output! 

Due to this generating shortfall the electricity grid has to be supported by Nuclear Power to meet our ever growing energy needs.

That is not an eco friendly solution nor is flooding our countryside with fields of wind turbines or solar panels

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Size does matter

Bigger is not better!

Wind turbines with giant masts and blades over 80 metres long are less safe to handle, more difficult to manufacture, transport, deploy, service and eventually re-cycle, all making them a very costly proposition.

Equally large Solar panel farms eat up acres of quality land that could more productively be used for farming, housing and recreational purposes, certainly not for energy generation! 

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What are the real costs of wind energy generation, not just the high product or installation cost, but the impact on society,  the  noise, the risk of failures, and poor efficiency.

A wind turbine operates on average for one third of a day due to variable wind conditions, whereas a hydro device operates all day, every day, come rain or shine. 

With its 24/7 operation Hydro offers a performance reliability of 85% compared to 35% for wind and 25% for solar.

Inactivity is a total waste of investment! 

The alternative

So where is this new and alternative solution? 

Out of sight, either deployed mid stream or on the watercourse bed, working day and night regardless of weather conditions.

Hydro turbine generating devices can be considerably smaller yet produce a comparable output to wind and solar systems. 

Our vast flowing watercourses accommodating large arrays of generators can harvest natures answer, and its totally renewable!

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The answer

The POWR-TRAIN is a British design that has utilised disruptive innovation to bring about change in the concept of energy generation.

Its unique and Patented design provides multi source operation, generating power from streams, rivers, estuaries or offshore.

Nature, our planet’s greatest designer shows that smaller and more versatile units, in greater quantity, will often surpasses the performance of larger, less adaptable solutions. 

Don’t become Dinosaurs, we must adapt or perish!


The HTG - Hydro Turbine Generator System

Blue Energy – Green Planet

We now wish to license this solution.  

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