Re inventing the wheel

The Water Wheel

The forerunner of the water turbine, the waterwheel, placed in a flowing watercourse provided much needed energy to power factories and local facilities in the early days of the industrial revolution.

The wheel rotated under the force of water pressure turning large connecting shafts to power machinery such as milling of grain or powering weaving looms.

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The Windmill

The windmill, another form of turbine generates power from kinetic energy, but found in wind.

Before the advent of electricity these devices, with blades turning under wind pressure, created the energy to drive machinery for milling grain, hence mill!

Many are still in use today in the wetlands of East Anglia and Holland to pump water from low lying fields into rivers draining land for farming, hence their name, Wind Pump!

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The Wind Turbine

The Wind Turbine, now a common sight produces a useful contribution to the nation’s energy requirement, but at a significant cost.

Unfortunately in the quest for ever more power these units have increased in size but still very dependant upon wind flow. 

Their inefficient operation and blighting of our habitat can only make them an expensive and short term solution.

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The Hydro Turbine

The large, single Hydro Turbine currently under trials in several deep offshore locations, is a smaller but heavier version of the wind turbine.

The electrical output is passed through cables laid on the seabed to the shore for connection to the National Grid.

The Hydro Turbine is the future of renewable energy generation but not in this large, heavy and expensive form.


The Future - going with the flow!

The POWR-TRAIN is the future.

It offers the most cost effective net-zero carbon generating solution with the unique benefit of scaleability.

It will suit many user’s needs in both developed and third world communities and cause a paradigm shift in the field of electrical energy generation.

We have developed the solution, it’s for you to protect our planet!

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