On the Threshold of a Dream

Over the centuries, innovation, the passion of many a thoughtful man, with watching, not just looking, has triggered his imagination.
Not seeing it for what it is, but for what it might be, creativity in action.

In watching, the feature becomes an obsession, why, how, when, what, all come into play.
How can I solve that problem, what’s caused it, why should it happen, and even, how can I exploit it?

Who was the first to see rocks and minerals become fluidised when heated around a campfire, then set into a different form, when cooled?
A hard material that could be reheated and reformed, a sharp metal edge to cut and become a weapon, or a drinking vessel from glass, how good was that?

Who sat in his chair and saw the boiling kettle trying to force its lid under steam pressure?
Would an industrial revolution with reciprocating engines powering our trains and vehicles have happened?

There are many examples of thinkers, watchers, deliberators, dreamers even, who have changed the world forever as a result of an observation, a passion and most of all, action!

Looking at the present and to the future, as like minded individuals, what if we could use our talents to help solve the worlds energy crisis?

A tall order some would say, but who would have thought 50 years ago we would be sending coloured photos back from Mars, communicating daily through a pocket sized device that did almost everything, but cook food!

What if we could develop a system using the planets most natural source kinetic energy, our rivers and tidal sea to power our homes, industry, commerce and cars?

What if we could utilise the power of the group and not be limited by the weaknesses of an individual?

Now wouldn’t that be good for you, me, and as the Moody Blues sang in their
‘On the Threshold of a Dream’ album, for our Children’s Children’s Children!

For their sake let’s do something positive, bridge our islands and share and share alike!

It’s time to start ‘Active Dreaming’!