About us

We are a British innovation business with the sole purpose of improving the world for the benefit of our children. 

We believe disruptive innovation is the only way to break away from established convention and help solve the world’s biggest problem today, generating sufficient energy from carbon neutral sources.

Adding more wind turbines or fields of solar panels to our countryside is not the solution, it may provide the land owner with a financial gain but the land is not his to spoil nor the visual pollution something we must endure. 


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About you

We all have to accept responsibility for the problems the planet’s eco system now faces.

It hasn’t happened by chance or due to some long term climate variation.

We have brought it about and only we can do something to put it right, and it has to happen now!

Times are changing

The extraction and burning of non renewable materials such as coal, oil and gas over the past century has been both costly and ruinous to health and our planet. 

Innovators need to find ways of doing things better, cleaner, with the interests of nature, first and foremost.

Why change

If we don’t make the change the planet will! 

In one lifetime the seasonal frequencies and weather patterns have changed, sea levels rising, ice caps melting, and species disappearing from their now compromised habitats. 

It’s time to take responsibility, not seeking to meet our personal needs, but that of others, and the planet we exist on.

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Nature at its finest

Whilst we aim to bring about change in generation processes, lowering carbon emissions, and improving our climate, we must protect our planet.

We use the outdoors for its natural calming influence in our busy lives so it should not be compromised with anything that pollutes, the air, sound and its visual amenity.


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Features, Benefits & USP of the Hydro Turbine Generator