Is this what you really want?

wind turbine, pinwheel, wind energy

Wind turbine fields

Your beautiful countryside, moorlands, remote natural locations blighted both visually and socially by ever large wind turbines?

solar energy, photovoltaic, solar panels

Solar PV panels

Is this the best use for our wonderful open green spaces?  Places where people walk with their families turned into sheets of reflective glass!

landscape, open pit mining, mining

Coal mining

Do we want to keep ripping the heart out of our planet in the search for more coal to produce more carbon to create more greenhouse gasses to affect more peoples health and destroy creature’s habitats?

power station, combined heat and power plant, chimneys

Fossil fuel burning

The coal we mine generating electrical energy from giant power stations still operating around the world regardless of the impact carbon emissions are having on the planet.

industry, oil, oil industry

Oil & Gas extraction

As the burning of oil and gas is ruining our planet then we should scale down their operations and seek only net-zero carbon solutions. 

Oil has a place in society but not to produce vast levels of emissions.

industry, industrial plant, petrochemical industry

Oil refining

To reduce our dependancy on fossil fuels powering our transport systems we need a viable alternative.

Whilst electricity is the preferred solution it must be generated from an appropriate renewable source to protect our planet.

forestry, logging, forest


The deforestation of essential carbon capturing areas of the earth are not only destroying habitats, and the loss of endangered species, but our own health.

polar bear, iceberg, ice floe

Lost habitats

If we value nature how can we let such fragile environments and their unique inhabitants be lost in the name of progress?

key west, florida, hurricane dennis

Climate change

Do we wait until climate change is irreversible and our eco system is fractured before we wake up?

Nature's beauty - if you want to keep it you need to protect it!

snow, skiing, people
tiger, predator, big cat
family, walking, woods
oregon, river, stream
primate, monkey, zoo

Your choice!

Choose Hydro Developments Limited for your environmentally friendly, carbon free and economic underwater power generation solution.

Let the unique and innovative POWR-TRAIN be the sub-surface water system that powers our net-zero world’s future.

It’s your choice, but for all our sakes there can be no delay, it must happen now!